Why hire us for your next shoot?

Choosing the right photographer is never an easy decision.  You often have time and scheduling constraints, limited opportunities to get it right, and of course a budget.  When working with a photographer that you haven't used before, the fact is that you are placing a bet.  So what should you focus on when making that critical decision?

  • "Default Look" - Do you like the overall look and mood in their portfolio?  If not, don't bother, many photographers evolve over time, but many don't and when you're shopping for a style you have in mind, make sure you're at least looking at the right brand.
  • "Dynamic Range" - Look at their portfolio carefully, do they only have gorgeous young models that look amazing with barely any makeup?  Or do they also show everyday people of all ages?  When you're looking at shots of supermodels you can easily be distracted and confuse the quality of the photographer with the beauty and experience of the model.  We proudly specialize in capturing the beauty in every individual.
  • "Emotional Connection" - Look carefully at the subjects in their work.  Look specifically to see if that moment of openness has been captured, where you feel connected to the subject.  This is what some people call capturing the soul.  It's a point in a shoot where a good photographer has relaxed the model to the point where you can see their personality shining through.
  • "Retouching Quality" - In the modern world, you don't just hire a person to stand behind a high-end camera and press the shutter.  You are hiring a firm that renders you at your very finest.  This means that there is some retouching involved.  Make sure it's classy, authentic and that it doesn't look cheap.  After all, the filters in Instagram are free.
  • "All Female Team" - Truth be told, there are way too many photographers in the business for the wrong reasons.  Without going into detail about some "photographers" out there, rest assured that we are an all female team and you will feel safe and sound.

What type of makeup should I wear?

The worst thing that can happen in photography with makeup is foundation caking.  Don't worry if the right product for your skin doesn't cover up a blemish, we can fix that easily in post.  Worry about the texture and worry about making sure it's not too thick.  If you have dry skin, that's otherwise in good condition, favor a tinted moisturizer, if you have oily skin and feel you need a full coverage foundation, then apply thinly. Before your shoot, we'll send you a more detailed set of guidelines to achieve the best results. If you're still not comfortable getting it right, we could recommend some professionals in the area that could do it for you.

How long is the average shoot?

It depends, generally speaking a natural light, outdoor shoot will take approximately 1hr.  Cloud coverage, background distractions and other issues in non-controlled environments require some flexibility.  For studio shoots, you can expect about half that time.

If I don't like how my shoot turns out, what are my options?

If you truly don't like the results, we offer either a reshoot or a 100% refund.  But seriously, we haven't had this issue yet, and you won't either.  Our job is to sprinkle our magic onto your beauty and make you shine.

I hate shooting outdoors, my hair is always a mess, can we do this in the studio?

We don't maintain a full-time studio in the city.  We do, however, find fun locations indoors and rent studio space on a regular schedule for commercial shoots, and discrete sessions, so let us know during your booking if you have a preference and we will accommodate.  And, of course, if you have a special location in mind, be sure to tell us!