Alina: The joy of photographing a two-year old by Xabay Spinka

Alina is a very sweet girl, with strong nurturing instincts. It’s adorable to see her caring for her stuffed animals, or her baby doll, who she loves to push around in her stroller. Alina has no problem giving her loved ones a kiss or a warm smile that would make your day. If she ever sees a friend feeling sad, she immediately goes to sooth him with a nice pet and a concerned look.

At two years old, Alina belongs to an age group that I love to photograph. I particularly enjoy following around a toddler this age while they play. If your presence makes them comfortable, their true personally shines through and they’ll play without inhibitions. At this age, they are not aware of the camera just yet, so they don’t feel self conscious. This allows the photographer to capture their most spontaneous and natural moments. From time to time, they will look directly into your lens, as if they are wondering what are you doing with this device, which gives you the opportunity to capture their beautiful curiosity; very characteristic of their age.

At 2 years old, children are physically more independent to explore their surroundings, but they don’t move too fast as to make it difficult for the photographer to keep up with them. They move at the perfect speed, to allow you to join them in their magical world and to witness every second of their adventure. I find this activity relaxing and even therapeutic. It is an opportunity to be present, and it’s a reminder of how beautiful it is to enjoy the moment. I don’t even feel the passing of time, and when we are finished, I feel I enjoyed it just like a friend having a play date with her.