About Us

Metropolis Photography is a family owned business founded by two sisters: Xabay & Samantha.  We specialize in what we like to call charisma capture, taking every opportunity to make each and every one of our clients stunningly unique.

We are located in Battery Park City (downtown Manhattan), which gives us quick and familiar access to many parks, waterfront and urban settings that we often showcase.  But truth be told, we like to venture out to Brooklyn when shooting clients in their 20's.

In case you didn't notice, we are fans of the look and feel of natural light.  While it is possible to simulate in a studio, the constantly changing environment and scenery is not. However, there are many situations (weather, facial features, etc.) that require the use of strobes (flashes). So while we're always aiming for that realistic look, don't be concerned (or shy) if there's some extra lighting on set, this is NYC, everyone's used to it!

The Founders: Xabay & Samantha


Note: Don't worry, that camera and lens is just a prop!

Xabay remembers always loving photography. One of her earliest memories as a child, was the joy she experienced when she received her first camera for Christmas, a 110mm Kodak, with disposable flash bulbs. 

Xabay studied International Relations at Columbia University with an emphasis in International Media and Communications. She has worked for more than 10 years for different newspapers and NGOs, which allowed her to develop a critical eye for capturing emotions and telling stories through images. 

Xabay loves to work with people and, most of all, make them feel relaxed and confident.

Two kids later, Xabay decided to pursue her passion for photography. Her work and distinctive style are a testament to her desire to bring drama, emotion and beauty to every single subject.

Xabay Spinka

Principal Photographer

Samantha has always had a passion for the digital arts, ranging from illustration to animation and everything in between.  Samantha studied digital arts and photography at the University of California in Santa Cruz.  She also specialized in 3D graphics and animation at the New York Film Academy.  Samantha has been working as a graphic designer for startup branding in NYC for the last 5 years.

Samantha has extensive experience in color grading, lighting and skin retouching as well as artistic heavy edits. She is the in-house Photoshop whiz, specializing in transforming beautiful photographs into works of art. Have no fear about frizzy hair or cakey makeup. She will bring your natural beauty out one pixel at a time!

Oh, and she is also our private DJ and a music blogger in her free time.

Samantha Rivera

Production Manager